Four Teens Dead After Slamming Into Cement Pole Following Police Chase


Multiple teens were killed in a wreck as a chase occurred involving state troopers in Newberry, Florida.

All four teenagers, aged 14 to 16, died after they were in the crash last Saturday, authorities say.

Two teens were declared deceased at the location, and the other two teens died from their wounds at a medical facility days later.

Deputies say that the chase began with an SUV that was stolen. It had been detected by a license plate reader hours after that.

Deputies tried to pull the SUV over but it slowed down and left the scene.

Speeds rose to 111 mph during the pursuit, but a malfunction in the patrol vehicle stopped them from accelerating further.

Authorities stated that deputies stopped chasing the SUV after they couldn’t keep up with it, and a Florida Highway Patrol trooper still went after the vehicle.

The trooper then rammed the SUV and performed a PIT maneuver which led the SUV to roll over and hit a cement pole.

Investigators noted that two of the teenagers in the SUV had on ankle monitors, and three are known to have had active warrants.

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