Houston Restaurant Employee Charged For Putting Genitals In Food


27-year-old Othello Holmes, a restaurant cook in Houston, is said to have placed his genitals on open food products.

Or April 4, Harris County deputies went to the restaurant, Kulture, and observed surveillance recordings from the manager. It depicted Holmes supposedly putting his genitals on food items.

When questioned by detectives, he stated that he “has these urges frequently and has a history of sexual offenses.”

After the incident, the restaurant closed down and terminated the worker. They also discarded all the kitchen products and hasn’t served a customer since.

Holmes is facing charges of indecent assault which prompted detectives to look more into his digital footprint and record.

On April 15, Holmes provided written consent to the forensic review of his cellphone. More than 100 pictures and five recordings of child pornography were then found.The recordings had children between the ages of infancy and teens that had been engaged in sexual intercourse and other sexual acts.

Documents also revealed that a picture was found in his phone revealing a conversation on Telegram, which is a social media messenger app. The discussion was supposedly between Holmes and another user, “Princess,” in a chat room called the “Devil Liar.”

While messaging, Holmes is said to have stated, “Super pervy yesterday. I wish I had access to kids.”

Princess replies, “I wish you did too (cry face emoji).”

Because of the evidence found, it was determined that Holmes was a danger to society and should not be in the presence of children.

He was placed in the Harris County Jail on a $500,000 bond for the child pornography matter.

Officials believe that he may have done this at multiple restaurants where he was previously employed.

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