Home Intruder Killed By Pit Bulls


An alleged home intruder was killed by two pit bulls in Georgia. The man’s body was discovered on the homeowner’s front porch.

On September 24, Alex Binyam Abraha, a 21 year-old from Atlanta, was found by the owner of the home in Coweta County. It is believed that he came in contact with the dogs after breaking into the residence. An autopsy showed that he was mauled by the animals.

“The homeowner doesn’t know him, wasn’t expecting him, was not home at the time,” a sheriff officer stated.

The owner of the home, who hasn’t been publicly identified, will not face any charges. It isn’t for sure what will happen with the dogs as of yet.

Investigators are trying to figure out how Abraha, who already had warrants, got to the residence because there wasn’t a vehicle found near the home.

An investigation is on-going.


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