Houston Lawyer Charged For Spiking Wife’s Drink With Drug to Induce Abortion


A Houston lawyer was arrested for allegedly spiking his pregnant wife’s water with a drug known to induce an abortion.

38-year-old Mason Herring was charged with assault of a pregnant person and attempting to induce an abortion.

According to court documents, Herring spiked his wife’s drink with Misoprostol on multiple occasions. His wife, who is estranged since earlier this year, fell ill shortly after drinking the water which she noticed was cloudy.

When brought to Herring’s attention, he blamed the cloudiness on dirty pipes.

Feeling something wasn’t right, the pregnant woman set up cameras and was able to catch her husband on footage putting something into a glass of water before offering it to her.

She later collected her evidence, including packages of the 200 mg tablets she found in the trash, and gave it to the police.

Herring was arrested and released on a $30,000 bond. He is scheduled to be back in court on December 2nd.

Herring’s wife went on to deliver the baby, which was healthy despite being premature.

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