Jail Inmates Seen Smoking and Cooking on Camera


Artis Dixon 31, Quanterell Ellison, 33, and Hasheem Coleman, 23, were seen on footage from an Oklahoma jail smoking marijuana and cooking food hibachi-style. They seemed to be bragging, from their cell, about violating the rules.

‘You see that?’ This is how we do this (expletive)up in the county,” an inmate boasted. “This is the real deal, Holyfield my (expletive),’ an inmate said.

Dixon was apprehended and charged with two counts of possession of contraband by an inmate.

On March 5, a search resulted in finding 23 cell phones, 243 grams of marijuana, and 476 grams of tobacco. An old syringe, SIM card packages, two pieces of sharpened metal and other things were also located. Three inmate were charged and others who were sneaking items inside the facility.

Days later, someone ran through the gate and threw up a rope with a bag attached. Inmates retrieved it through a hole in the wall.

Oversight of the jail was changed last year.



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