Javelin Coach Arrested For Having A Sexual Relationship With 17-Year-Old Student


A javelin coach had been charged with sexually assaulting a 17-year-old boy she coached. She disclosed to officials that she had a romantic relationship with the teen.

Hannah Marth, 26, was apprehended after authorities found out that she had a sexual relationship with the teen in Pennsylvania.

In May 2021, the coach supposedly sent a text to the teen at 2 a.m.  She then asked him to come over where the two had sex.

The teen told authorities that he and Marth had been in a romantic relationship for five months.

Marth is facing charges of institutional sexual assault and sexual assault by a sports official which are third-degree felonies. She is employed at an Easton Area School district.

On Thursday, Marth was arraigned and was freed on a $75,000 unsecured bond.


  1. When I was young I kept my secrets. I had sex with my teacher, but I wanted it bad. I instigated all the encounters and had fun flirting. I knew not to go blabbing it all over. That was over 40 years ago. I enjoyed his attention and I did learn something after all. These young people acting like little kids, have no maturity.

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