Man Arrested After Throwing Chicken Wings At His Wife During Dispute


Records show that a man in Florida threw chicken wings at his wife as the two had a dispute over his supposed “lover.” He was arrested.

When officers arrived to the scene, they observed the wife with sauce “under her chin/neck area as well as on the thin shoulder strap to her shirt.”

The incident occurred on Sunday evening, in the city of Wildwood as 39-year-old Robert Audette and his wife were arguing.

Officers noted that the disagreement began when the man requested that his wife provide him with money so that he could meet up with his lover to gamble. The husband denied that claim. While, disputing, the man is said to have chunked a takeout box of wings at his wife, striking her in the chin and shoulder area.

Things went further when Audette wouldn’t let his wife get to their baby who was in another area of the house. He also made her stay in the closet of the bedroom.

When the man left out of the bedroom, the wife was able to swiftly secure the door, and the man continuously hit the door to be let back in. “I’m about to beat your f– a–“, the man is said to have yelled while banging on the door.

Audette is now facing charges of simple assault and a misdemeanor, and has bonded out.

He said that his wife was keeping his cell phone away from him which is why he attempted to distract her and go into the baby’s room. He says he never threatened to hit her.


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