Judge Announces Mistrial In Billy Chemirmir’s Capital Murder Case


Billy Chemirmir was on trial for capital murder in Dallas.

After a jury stated they were deadlocked after deliberating since Thursday afternoon, Judge Raquel Jones declared a mistrial on Friday.

The jury had sent three notes to the judge, saying they couldn’t come up with a unanimous decision. Although it wasn’t known what verdict the majority of jurors sought, the jurors were “hopelessly deadlocked 11-1.”

Chemirmir was on trial for killing Lu Thi Harris.

In 2018, he was apprehended after 91 year-old Many Annis Bartel lived through him assaulting and robbing her in her residence in Plano. When police tracked Chemirmir to his apartment, they located a jewelry box that led them to Harris’s home where she was found deceased.

After an investigation, the man was suspected of killing 18 elderly people over the years. Many victims lived in private homes or independent living facilities. Chemimir would allegedly force entry into their homes acting as a handyman.

His lawyers said that the evidence against Chemirmir was circumstantial.


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