Judge Drops Murder Charges After Man Spends 23 Years In Prison


Grant Williams, 50, served 23 years in prison for a murder that he did not commit. On Thursday, all charges against him were dropped.

Moreover, this is the first wrongful conviction that was successful in Staten Island.

Williams was incarcerated for the 1996 murder of Shdell Lewis outside of a housing community. He has been on parole for nearly two years.

During that time, one person said that they saw Williams shooting. The officer, who went after the suspect, provided a description of the man that didn’t coincide with Williams.

Furthermore, a Wu -Tang- Clan hat was left behind by the assailant; however, no DNA test was performed on it. Additionally, no fingerprints or forensic evidence pointed to Williams.

In 2017, the case was opened again. New evidence, witnesses, and an valid alibi were discovered.

Williams obtained an associate’s degree while in prison and is currently pursing a bachelor’s degree.

He said he is not holding grudges.


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