Landlord Admits To Forcing Mother Of 5 To Engage In Sex Acts For Housing


Allan Rothstein is a Las Vegas landlord who has been accused of making a woman sign a sex contract in order for her to reside on his property.

According to documents in federal court, Rothstein forced Candy Torres to sign the papers titled, “Direct Consent for Sexual Intercourse.” This happened in November 2018 when Torres wanted to rent a 4-bedroom home.

Documents also reveal that Torres felt as though she needed to sign the contract, or she and her five children would have no place to live. They had already been staying in residential hotels, weekly.

The woman was given a housing voucher through Section 8, but she only had 60 days to find a place to live because of the federal program’s guidelines.

It was also shown that Torres had to swear that she wasn’t agreeing to the terms “under influence of an incapacitating intoxicatant, aphrodisiacs, or psychoactive substances.”

The Nevada Real Estate Division started an investigation into the accusations.

Reports note that Rothstein confessed to the Real Estate Division that he created the contract and made the woman sign it.

At the conclusion of the investigation, Rothstein’s real estate and property manager licences were revoked.

He was fined $94,000, as well.

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