Lesbian Squatters, With 15 Pit Bulls, Cause $38,000 Worth Of Damage To Rental Property


Homeowners Patti Peeples and Dawn Tiura found two people living in their rental home over 40 days ago. They think that the couple, who are squatters, have been there since March.

Now, the owners say that the squatters, who have 15 pit bulls, have caused $38,000 worth of destruction at the rental property. They also claim that the lesbian couple lied to authorities and said they put down a deposit and had been victims of a scam by the landlord.

On Tuesday, the couple was evicted. They had first been discovered after a repairman went inside to make changes after other tenants had moved out.

Peeples attempted several doors to get in the home, and when she saw the women, they handed her a receipt, revealing that they had paid $3,300 after finding the home on Zillow. It showed that they had paid the first and last months’ rent and a pet deposit.

Peeples says that the lease was fraudulent.

She continued to go to the home, and says she was shoved and threatened if she didn’t leave.

It was a month before she could put them out, and then the homeowners discovered how much damage had been done. Drywall had been torn down, tile was destroyed, and doors were off the hinges.

What makes matters worse, the homeowners’ insurance may not cover the damages since the squatters had taken up residence. This is although Peeples and Tiura weren’t permitted to go inside the home and make the squatters leave, or they would have been arrested.

Peeples says that her attorney is pursuing having grand theft charges pressed against the women and having this investigated as a criminal matter.


  1. So are they getting charged for staying in the home as squatters or damages and fake paperwork? So if someone is found staying in or on a property for a certain amount of time do the company or owner have to file for an eviction or can they just put them out how many days can they stay if evicted

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