Four Followers Of Cult Die After Leader Told Them To Starve Themselves To “Meet Jesus”


On Friday, four followers of a cult were found dead and eleven others had to be transported to a medical facility.

Now, the leader of the cult, Makenzie Nthenge, of Good News International Church, in Kenya, has been arrested. This comes after he supposedly told the followers not to eat so that they could “meet Jesus.”

Authorities had raided a forest on the Kenyan Coast after tipsters contacted them regarding the members who seemed to be starving themselves under the direction of Nthenge.

The four people who lost their lives haven’t been named, and the ones who were taken to the hospital are ages 17 to 49, both male and female.

Detectives say that they will continue to comb through the Shakahola forest after hearing about supposed mass graves where other individuals might have been buried.

Last month, Nthenge was apprehended and charged, as well, after two kids starved to death while in the care of their parents. He was eventually freed on a $700 bond.

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