Man Admits To Killing Hospitalized Wife Since He Couldn’t Afford Her Medical Bills


A man in Independence, Missouri, is said to have killed his wife who was hospitalized. Court documents show that he told authorities that he wasn’t able to care for her or pay for her medical expenses.

On Monday, Ronnie Wiggs appeared in court for the first time on a second- degree murder charge. A hearing will be held on Thursday to look at his $250,000 bond.

Records show that his wife had been receiving a port for her dialysis when workers at Centerpoint Medical Center reported a “code blue” on Friday due to her becoming unresponsive.

Workers were able to regain a pulse; however, they later learned that she was brain dead and started to attempt to save her organs. Wiggs’s wife died on Saturday.

Following the attack, Wiggs exited the hospital; however, the woman’s son bought him back to see her, and he admitted what he had done. Workers overheard him say, “I did it, I killed her, I choked her,” documents show.

Wiggs was apprehended and told investigators that he put his hand over his wife’s nose and mouth so that she wouldn’t yell. He added that he had been depressed and couldn’t pay her medical bills.

Wiggs also stated that he tried to kill his wife when she had been at a rehabilitation facility. But, she had awakened and instructed him not to do that again. He stated that he was going to attempt to kill his wife another time when she was in the hospital, but he didn’t get the opportunity to do it because she had been hooked up to multiple monitors.

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