Sensitive Video: Woman caught abusing a dog in Dallas, TX


Video from #LouConner:

I am a TRUE animal lover. And I cannot accept this. How Could you love a person like THIS calling Animal Control!!!!!!!!!!

The police did come and take her and the dog.

This in oak cliff on Ledbetter and Houston School RD, Dallas, TX.


  1. I can’t watch but I would beat the hell out of this bitch. I’ve done it before to a man abusing his dog. She should have been arrested.

  2. That boils my blood! Someone needs to do the same to her!! Animal abusers need harsher punishments!

  3. Im not particularly a dog lover but this is horrible and she should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law….If you cab abuse an animal,you can abuse a child…

  4. This bitch should be fed canned dog food for a month. The crappiest brand out there.

  5. Ole funky bitch(and I have to very heated to call a woman this)but this bitch needs to be slung up against them steel doors of a prison like this…..I pray that fur baby is ok!!

  6. Wow a animal gonna do what a animal is supposed to do ! Only this board think they full understand her yelling! Hell if they can lock up that football player i wanna see her ass get the same business! Hell even i got a 2000 dollar ticket because my dog would jump the fence and terrorize the neighbors cat and chickens and I couldn’t defend her when she brought the cat head to the porch so i let them take her she was lab mixed with pit so we talking about lassie unhinged smart and crazy! But anyway she deserves to get her ass beat for treating that dog like that ! Prison time

  7. Keep her 💯 she unfit for this world glad she didn’t have no kids around she would have did them like that too , i hate this for that poor dogs make me look out extra close for my dogs and ppl like her

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