Man Arrested After Eating Stolen Chips Dropped By Thief Outside Convenience Store


A man in Memphis, Tennessee, was apprehended earlier this month for supposedly eating two bags of chips that were dropped by somebody who stole them from a store.

Reports indicate that on Feb. 9, a man tried to buy beer at a convenience store and got into a disagreement with the cashier. That person wouldn’t sell alcohol to the man.

So, the man took the whole display of potato chips and left out of the store prior to putting the display inside of his vehicle and leaving the scene.

As the man had been heading to his vehicle, he had dropped multiple bags of chips that fell to the ground.

Joseph Braswell saw the bags of chips and retrieved two of them.

Shortly after that, police observed Braswell with crumbs on his face.

Each bag of chip costs $4.98, and camera recordings from the store revealed that Braswell had knowledge of the theft, authorities say.

Thus, Braswell was charged with theft of merchandise, valued at less than $1,000.

He is set to appear in court on Tuesday.



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