Man Arrested After Handing Out Marijuana-Contaminated Gummy Bears After Running Out Of Halloween Candy


Authorities in a South Chicago suburb are alerting parents. This comes after possibly contaminated gummy bears were given out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween.

They added that 25 year old Jarod Feilen
is facing five counts of child endangerment. Police have seized five of them but believe there were more that were distributed out.

Two of the packages were handed out to one woman’s child.

“My daughter tells me he was inside his house, and he was handling them. She said that he had a full bowl of it,” the worried mother stated.

25-year-old Jarod Feilen is facing charges of child endangerment. He has admitted to handing out at least 20 packages because he ran out of Halloween candy.

The gummies have now been sent to a crime lab to see if the candy itself had been tampered with.

Although no children have been reported to have ingested the potentially-laced candy, parents have been urged to check their children’s candy closely.

The packages are yellow, with no other details on them, and have the gummy bears inside with marijuana residue.

“The aroma. I mean immediately once we had the package, you could smell the marijuana. We unzipped one, and it was really, really prominent,” stated South Chicago Heights Police Chief Bill Joyce.

He added that a concerned parent and grandparent turned in five suspicious packages after they were handed out to trick-or-treaters at a home on Cherry Lane in South Chicago Heights.

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