Man Arrested After Leaving Courthouse In SUV Full Of Marijuana


A man from Maine was arrested on Wednesday after leaving a courthouse. This was after more than 70 pounds of marijuana was found in his vehicle when he was leaving a Massachusetts court hearing. The hearing was related to marijuana possession and driving without a license.

43-year-old Yves Duboc was arraigned on charges of driving without a license and possessing one pound of marijuana.

When the hearing was over, Duboc entered his SUV and drove off. This was right after he had just had his license suspended and was prohibited from driving.

Officer Michael Provost, who was in the court hearing, intercepted and apprehended Duboc for operating a motor vehicle without a license.

When Provost searched Duboc’s car, he found more than 70 pounds of marijuana put into two duffel bags. He also found nearly 20 pounds of THC extract, cash, and Ziploc bags.

Duboc was booked and went back to court again for driving with no license and unlawful possession of marijuana.



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