Man Dies After Being Slapped In The Face At A Party


A Gwinnett County man is in police custody after slapping a man in the face and killing him.
Adrian Herrera,31 is in custody after slapping Tomas Rodriguez in the face early Sunday morning during a party.
Herrera says the man had been harassing him all day and calling him out of his name and there were kids at the party. He says that Rodriguez was drunk and had been acting out in front of his son. He asked him to stop and Rodriguez became more upset.
According to reports Rodriguez grabbed Herrera shoulder from behind calling him derogatory names and that’s when he turned around and slapped him in the face. Herrera says once he slapped Rodriguez he dropped to the ground and was not breathing. He says he tried to do cpr but people wouldn’t let him and they waited for police.
Police arrived on the scene but it was too late and Rodriguez had passed. Herrera was taken to Gwinnett County jail with no bond and charged with voluntary manslaughter.

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