Man Fatally Shoots Brother-In-Law and Pregnant Sister While Having A Picnic


An Ohio man was charged with murder after police say he shot and killed his pregnant sister and her husband while having a picnic.

Authorities say 29-year-old Jason Iverson showed up at the park his sister, Mercedes Iverson, 30, her husband, Trea Carter, 31, and a 13-year-old boy were having a picnic.

Jason, who had been in a long-term dispute with his sister, arrived at the location armed and ready for confrontation.

Reports state that Jason began fighting the couple when they ran for the car to seek safety. At this time, Jason pulled his handgun and opened fire, striking his sister and grazing the 13-year-old boy’s arm.

Carter fled the commotion to find a place to hide and was eventually tracked down by his brother-in-law to a bathroom at the park. Jason opened fire, fatally striking him.

The sister, her unborn baby girl, and her husband were all pronounced deceased at the scene. The 13-year-old was transported to the hospital for treatment of his injuries.

Jason was charged with murder and attempted murder and booked into the Maple Heights jail.


    1. That’s right!! Do away with him. He didn’t give 2-f’s about a unborn child are his 13 yr old nephew. Thats a POS💩

  1. Father against son daughter against mothere blood against blood. I have no words to explain othe than the end od time is here, same thing back then same thing happening now. Nothing new under the sun

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