Man Given Life Sentence After Mother Finds Him Naked, Lying In Bed With Her 9-Year-Old Daughter


27-year-old Christopher Anthony Smith was sentenced to life in prison and 20 years probation after a mother found him in the bed with her 9-year-old daughter. Following that, he stabbed the mother and threatened authorities with a knife.

Last month, Smith pled guilty, in Fayette County, Georgia.

Beginning in September 2022, the woman and her daughter started living with Smith. On November 6, she arrived home from work to find Smith with no clothes on, lying in the bed with her daughter, who didn’t have any clothes on either.

Reports indicate that the child was scared, and when the mother went to call police, Smith became upset and snatched her phone away. When she decided to exit the home, he pulled her back inside. He then went to stab the mother, and she was cut on the arm as she tried to move away from him.

After neighbors called police, authorities arrived, and the mother begged for assistance.

Smith then held himself inside of the home with a knife as he threatened to hurt officers if they tried to enter. Eventually, officers were able to retrieve the gun from Smith, and he was taken into custody.

Pictures on Smith’s phone revealed that he made the child perform oral sex on him, authorities say.

Smith had been charged with aggravated child molestation, child molestation, false imprisonment, aggravated assault, and sexual exploitation of children.


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