Man Kills Cellmate Who Raped His Sister


Shane Goldsby is a 26 year-old from Washington who murdered his sister’s rapist when they were paired together in jail. The incident happened in June 2020.

Now, Goldsby has been sentenced to 25 years in prison.

He attacked Robert Munger, 70, in a communal area by hitting him in the head 14 times. Also, he kicked the older man in the head.

Munger was serving a 43 year prison sentence for child pornography, child rape, and child molestation. Authorities say Goldsby’s sister was one of Munger’s victims.

“He me details about what had happened and what he did…,” Goldsby stated.

Authorities say that surnames of people connected to child rape cases is the reason why jailers weren’t aware that Goldsby was connected to one of Munger’s victims.

Goldsby has also been ordered to do 3 years of parole and will have to pay restitution to Munger’s relatives.


  1. Give him a Pass on the 20 years. Do the 3 years of Probation.

    Someone was going to off the Short Eye eventually.

    Sex Offenders are not expected to Survive in GP. They are usually put into Confined areas with limited access for non-DOC Staff.

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