Man Shot And Killed After Trying To Assist Woman Being Hit At Gas Station


A disagreement turned deadly at a Chevron gas station in DeKalb County, Georgia.

The incident occurred, around 2 a.m., on Tuesday, at the gas station on Candler Road and Misty Waters Drive.

Authorities say that the victim was fatally shot while trying to break up an argument between a couple. They say that the victim observed a man and a woman having a dispute at a vehicle parked at a gas pump. The victim may have seen the man striking the woman.

Detectives say that the victim went to assist, but the other man shot him. The victim was declared deceased at the scene.

The couple left the scene in a white vehicle.

Detectives have looked at camera surveillance footage that covers the area of the crime but haven’t released any additional details.

Police haven’t publicly identified the victim.



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