Man Sleepwalking While Dreaming Chops Off His Testicles Thinking He Was Slaughtering a Goat


A man from Ghana chopped off his testicles while “sleepwalking” during a dream where he was slaughtering a goat for dinner.

Kofi Atta, 47, reported that he fell asleep on the sofa recliner in his living room on August 12.

In the middle of the night, still asleep, he walked into the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and castrated himself. Atta recalled later on that he was having a dream where he was cutting meat to prepare for his family.

After being woken up from a sharp pain, covered in blood, he called for two of his neighbors who rushed over to his house to help.

Atta was taken to the St Francis Xavier hospital in Assin Fosu where doctors were able to stop the loss of blood. However, Atta does not have the funds to be transferred to a hospital that can perform the surgery needed to repair his testicles.


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