Man Sues Buffalo Wild Wings, Claiming Boneless Wings Are Deceptive


Earlier this week, a man filed a lawsuit in Illinois against Buffalo Wild Wings after believing that their boneless chicken wings were really chicken wing meat. However, he stated that the wings are actually processed chicken breast meat, citing that they are merely chicken nuggets.

Buffalo Wild Wings and its parent company, Inspired Brands, Inc., are being sued by Aimen Halim for false/ deceptive business practices.

Halim said that he purchased boneless wings in January but would not have if he had known what it contained.

The lawsuit noted that false advertising shouldn’t be allowed and that customers should receive what they are actually expecting based off the name of the product alone.

Reports indicate that Buffalo Wild Wings is responsible for inventing boneless wings and for their popularity.

A portion of Halim’s claim is that since the boneless wings are comprised of cheaper meat, the cost should be less than that of real chicken wings.

The lawsuit states that Halim experienced a financial impact because of the deceptive measures.



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