Man Taken Into Custody After Opening Drugs Dispensary, Selling Cocaine, Heroin And Meth


51-year-old Jerry Martin was apprehended after selling drugs out of his mobile trailer. He has now been released until a court hearing.

Authorities in Vancouver, B.C.,  stated that an investigation began after an illicit drug dispensary opened on Wednesday. Martin was arrested for selling cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, and heroin from the trailer, the following day. In his community, there is a high rate of drug use, and many drug prevention services exist.

Martin has reported that he opened the store, called The Drugs Store, to provide a safe supply of drugs in the community that is being ruined by the “overdose epidemic.” He added that his drugs have been tested to make sure that no fentanyl is inside of the substances.

The 51-year-old says that he decided to open the drugs store after Canada decriminalized the possession of small amounts of hard drugs in British Columbia.

At the store, illegal drugs can be bought with an ID card. Images on social media reveal cocaine being sold for $90 a gram as MDMA goes for $75 per gram.

“We support measures aimed at improving public safety for people who use drugs, including harm reduction services and decriminalization. However, we remain committed in our position that drug trafficking will continue to be the subject of enforcement,” police noted in a statement.


  1. He thought he was saving lives… but if the over dose he still doing bad… he had good intentions, but intentions win that good at all😂.. sad

  2. People not gone stop doing drugs,,,at least he tryna help people from getting ahold of the wrong drug thats killing people daily,,,,smart dude….dumb thinking about the name etc

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