Man Taken Into Custody For Killing Woman In South Dallas By Repeatedly Striking Her With Vehicle


A man is said to have killed a woman in South Dallas in January after continuously hitting her with a vehicle.

21-year-old Justice Wade-Harris was placed in the Dallas County Jail on murder charges in relation to the killing of Cecilia Nash. She was discovered dead on the street on Jan. 18 after someone stated that Nash had been struck by a vehicle several times.

Surveillance recordings show the car purposely headed for Nash. A woman at 6400 Silvery Moon Drive told authorities that her car had been taken and then returned with damages. She added that she had been residing with Wade-Harris, her nephew.

The vehicle’s GPS history revealed that it left the home at about 4:55 a.m. and went in the direction of South Blvd where Nash was struck, and then went back to the residence. Wade-Harris’ cell phone records showed that he took the same route.

When questioned, the man told authorities that Nash killed herself.

Authorities aren’t sure why Nash was killed or if she and Wade-Harris were familiar with each other.

Wade-Harris was still in custody on Tuesday as his bail was set at $1 million.



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