East Oak Cliff Neighborhood Set To Get Much-Needed Grocery Store


A new supermarket, The Food Basket, is opening up on Simpson Stuart Road in the East Oak Cliff neighborhood. There hasn’t been a grocery store close by since 2020.

In this area, there are 20,000 residents and 300 new apartments that are being built. This zip code, 75241, has little access to inexpensive, healthy food.

The store has been given millions of tax dollars from the city to support the location.

The company manages five Cash Saver supermarkets, three of which are in inner-city Dallas communities.

Cash Saver-Food Basket purchased the strip center from the developer with no assistance from the city. They agreed to pay Dallas $2.8 million if they don’t remain here for 5 years and 9 months.

In the neighborhood, we don’t have a variety of good stores to go to. I pray that this store right here will be good and a blessing for the whole neighborhood,” stated Wesley Williams, a shopper.


  1. Shoplifting Galore, a waste of money for this company. They’ll soon find out like all the other failed businesses as to why it’s not smart to deal with certain kinds.


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