Man Will Be Executed After Smuggling “Squid Game” Copies Into North Korea


North Korean authorities busted a few high school students watching the South Korean Netflix series, “Squid Game.”

Now, a man has been sentenced to death after smuggling a copy of the series into North Korea.

The series was reportedly brought in on flash drives from China. The man faces death by firing squad.

The student who was given the flash drives was given a life sentence. Six students who watched it will have five years of hard labor. Additionally, the teachers and administrators were terminated and will have to work in isolated mines, reports say.

In that country, it is against the law to bring in or distribute cultural items like movies, plays, books, or music. They mostly want to prohibit the dissemination of media from South Korea and the U.S.

“Squid Game” has been a problem with the dictatorship in North Korea. They see it as a “sad reality of a beastly South Korean society.”

Despite Netflix being unavailable in China, “Squid Game” has been reproduced alot in the country.


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