Maurice J. Scott Discusses Making His Wife Have Sex Despite Her Cancer Diagnosis


Maurice J. Scott and Kimmi Grant have been stars on the reality show “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” Maurice is an Advocate and has been involved in real estate. Kimmi is involved in the real estate industry, as well.

Recently, many online have expressed their dismay following an interview that Maurice did with @thecarlosking. During the interview, Maurice discussed that he needs sex everyday, even when his wife was going through cancer treatment.

On the show, last season, Kimmi confessed to Maurice that she sometimes fakes her orgasms.

When @thecarlosking questioned Maurice about his sensitivity towards his wife’s cancer diagnosis and his sexual needs, he expressed how he felt.

“There’s a difference between wants and needs. I’m a person who needs sex…So, life throws us curve balls, like what we are going through right now. And what Kimmi is doing is admirable as a spouse. To roll over, and suffer through it, umm.. I was hoping it wouldn’t be a sufferable moment. But she rolls over, fakes it, all for me. Because at that moment, that is something that she completely didn’t desire. I look at it like her standing by me while I’m standing by her,” Maurice responded.

“As difficult as it may seem, we should all feel that we would be better people if we say,’ Oh, no, I don’t want or need sex for as long as you need to recover’, but we then live in reality where that’s not true,” he continued.

Many viewers were appalled at what they heard.

“How are you finding pleasure while she’s suffering?” one person wrote.

“Admitting to be a rapist in broad daylight,” someone else expressed.

“‘Roll over and suffer through,’ broke my heart,” another comment read.

For now, it seems as though Kimmi is sticking by her spouse as she hasn’t publicly responded to the interview.


  1. To me, it’s being careless and unthoughtful. It seems like everything is only all about him. I don’t think i can do it. He has no sensitivity at all.

  2. He’s selfish and inconsiderate. To speak on such a sensitive topic to anyone was wrong. He obviously doesn’t have any empathy.

  3. That is so sad bec she was going through cancer and she needed him more bec that’s a scary situation to have cancer outside of she had to give him sex bec he can’t go without. He’s a selfish man and all abt him self.

  4. He’s a very sick and disgusting individual ITS THE ROLL OVER AND SUFFERING FOR ME AND ITS EVEN MORE VILE TO ADMIT THAT he knows she’s suffering and yet he continues because he “NEEDS” it

  5. This is a very selfish act. But until she express how it makes ger feel then it’ll continue. As for her, she needs to find herself and her voice.

  6. He didn’t are about her whatsoever! He’s a narcissist. He thinks it’s ok to RAPE his wife! I guarantee that she doesnt want to at all. Chemo and radiation are not a joke! You’re sick and throwing up, losing your hair, even where you can’t touch or have anything cold to drink because the cold is so painful! And thats just the tip of the iceberg! The last thing she wants is sex, I can guarantee you that!! There’s a special place in hell for pigs like him!

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