Mexico Authorities Seize Over 600 Pounds Of Fentanyl Being Smuggled Inside Coconuts


Mexico police officers discovered more than 660 pounds of fentanyl being smuggled inside coconuts, following a traffic stop.

The laced coconuts were found Thursday in a truck traveling the northern border state of Sonora. It is believed the vehicle was heading to the United States.

According to prosecutors, authorities encountered the vehicle on a road known as the Sea of Cortez, which runs along the Gulf of California.

Eventually, that road would have led to the Mexican town of Sonoyta, this town is located across the border from Lukeville, Arizona.

Photographs show a white box truck with a mass of coconuts next to it. The stop resulted in two people being arrested.

A truck full of coconuts filled with what appears to be fentanyl was seized by Mexican police. (FGR)

Fentanyl is primarily manufactured in Mexico.

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