Michigan Couple Arrested After Burning Toddler Over Potty Training Incident


A mother from Michigan, along with her boyfriend are in custody after the mother’s young child was severely burned last week while being punished for a potty-training accident, according to police.
According to news reports, Keyanna Pope, 27, and her boyfriend Kenyatta, 24, both residents of Genesee county, are charged with one count of torture, first-degree child abuse, and obstructing of justice in connection with the crime.
David Leyton, the Genesee county prosecutor assigned to the case, told news reporters that the couple called 911 on Feb 4., to report that their son was having breathing issues. Investigators discovered later found out that the boy had suffered severe burns to his stomach and groin area, and also was suffering from renal failure.
Leyton said police do in fact believe that the couple has hurt this little boy so much, to where he is barely clinging to life, “as punishment” for potty training issues, according to reports.
“Perhaps the mother and boyfriend got upset about it, put him, as punishment, in a tub of scalding hot water, which resulted in these dramatic burns,” Leyton told reporters.
Another child was in the home at the time according to investigators. The biological father of the two children will most likely granted custody, according to Leyton.


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