Mid-Air Mayhem: Moscow Arrests Woman in Disturbance on Antalya Flight


In Moscow, a woman, Valeria, 29, was arrested after engaging in explicit acts with a male passenger.

This took place during a Pobeda Airlines flight from Antalya. Witnesses applauded as she was taken into custody at Vnukovo airport.

Reports from Gazeta described the incident as a rampage. Flight attendants waited until the end before intervening due to the chaos.

Valeria is accused of scratching the flight crew, smoking on the plane -despite warnings, and expressing no remorse.

She disrupted the flight, demanded hot water, poured it on the floor, and attempted to bribe the crew with a hundred-dollar bill.

This lead to a confrontation and trash being thrown onto the plane’s floor. She is facing a 500 roubles fine, ($5.68) at this time.


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