Midlothian Service Members Make First Day Of School Memorable For Little Boy


5 year-old Michael Denison had a very memorable first day of kindergarten because of the actions of Midlothian police and firefighters.

“Batman” and “Captain Marvel” met the boy at his house before school on Monday.

He was able to peek in the squad car and fire engine.

When he got to Mountain Peak Elementary, teachers and students gave him a warm greeting.

Michael has a condition called Treacher Collins syndrome. The bones at the top part of his face are bigger than the the bones at the bottom of his face. This is similar to Auggie in the film “Wonder.”

Before school started, Michael’s mom begged, on social media, for people to be nice to her son and parents to teach their children about how to treat others who are different.

“This was amazing..unforgettable…The welcoming experience..that’s what you want for your kid to be welcomed with open arms.”


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