Mom Buys House For Daughter Near Her College


Vanessa Braxton purchased a house for her daughter close to her college since she received a full scholarship.

On a Facebook post, Braxton stated, “If you can help your kids get ahead in this system, start now. It will be well worth it if for their future. In addition, they can help their siblings or parents when they get older.”

Braxton said it took her and her spouse 39 days for renovations to be completed. Furthermore, the university is footing the monthly rent, and her daughter has a roommate, as well.

Braxton received a lot of assistance to make this happen. She thanked her husband for the kitchen cabinets, plumbing, and electrical work. NFL players, a track team, a football team, and an Olympian also helped. Her brothers, sister, mom, and pastor lended their services, as well.

Braxton said the whole goal is to build generational wealth.


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