Mother Battles With Finding Size 23 Shoes to Fit Her 14-Year-Old Son


A Michigan mother is speaking out after continuously not being able to find shoes that will fit her 14-year-old son’s feet.

Rebecca Kilburn says it’s almost impossible to find shoes at a reasonable price that will fit her son, Eric Jr., who’s 6’10 and wears a size 23 in men’s shoes.

The 14-year-old Freshman at Goodrich High School does not have an endocrine disorder, which many children that grow large rapidly have. In fact, according to Rebecca, he has no known health issues and the only cause for concern are the ingrown toenails that he gets from wearing shoes that are too small.

Eric Jr. has had to undergo multiple surgeries for his ingrown toenails until they were ultimately removed for his better sake.

Rebecca says her son will continue to grow and she has no means of finding shoes to keep on his feet.

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