Mother Charged With Assault After Attacking Daughter’s 12-Year-Old Bully


41-year-old Kelly Sadik, a mom from Maryland, is said to have assaulted a 12-year-old girl at a school. This was allegedly because the girl had bullied her daughter.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, around 8:15 a.m., at Aberdeen Middle School, in Maryland.

Sadik used the intercom to get into the school. Once inside, she went straight to classroom with her daughter and not the office as she was supposed to do.

Before a teacher could take over, a verbal confrontation happened, and Sadik pulled the child, intending to keep talking to her.

The 12-year-old was left with a red bruise on her arm. Her father, Charles Bates, noted how swiftly the mother was able to get passed the office and make it to the classroom where his daughter was. His main concern was that Sadik could have had a weapon.

Sadik is now facing charges of second-degree assault and trespassing.


  1. So of hes so concerned, why didn’t he take care of his own daughter first! Bullying is a oletated too much and the school does nothing let alone the parents that raise em……then when the bully is charged the courts still do nothing. Ik from experience

    • Because everyone is quick to claim their chikd is bring bullied but when you get all the details their child is usually the instigator.

  2. As Felcrisp said, this is a conundrum that needs to be addressed. Bullying has been reported, falls on deaf ears and ultimately you have students that either suicide or go postal in retaliation. This mom, which I’ll be is illegal, takes the law in to her own hands and attempts to stop the abuse.Now she needs a good lawyer, her daughter is in Jeopardy have not having a parent for a long time and this woman’s life is ruined. SMDH


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