Mother Outraged After Teacher At North Crowley High School Allegedly Snatches Dreads Out Of Students Head


A mother is demanding answers after a teachers assistant allegedly snatched two of her sons dreads out of his head while trying to remove a beanie.

The incident occurred on November 9, around 10:30 a.m., at North Crowley High School’s freshman center.

Apparently an English teachers assistant asked a student to remove his beanie in class. It was said that the student said ok and walked to his seat.

During that time the teacher asked the student to remove his beanie again but this time he stated that “if the student didn’t remove his hat, he would remove it for him.” That’s when the teacher walks over to the students desk and tried to pull the beanie off of the students head.

At this time the student holds on to his beanie not allowing the teacher to remove it. That’s when the teacher aggressively snatched the students beanie off of his head along with two of his deadlocks.

The mother says her son now has a bald spot in the middle of his head where the teacher snatched his dreads from.

The mother says she was not notified about the incident and wants answers.

Since the incident the mother says she has reached out to Crowley ISD as well as several media outlets. She has also filed a police report with Crowley PD and pressed assault charges against the teacher.


  1. Wow, this crazy action on the teacher behalf should have made student go to principal office and called his mother

  2. It’s like everybody is looking for financial gain. Discipline your child. He was rude and disrespectful abd these teachers are getting fed up. Not saying how the teacher handled the child was right. IJS hopefully the childs hair will grow back. If he’s not supposed to wear beanies in the classroom he knew it and was being disrespectful.

  3. A student not taking off their hat does not require physical contact. These teachers are not supposed to engage in physical contact for any reason. Some of these teachers are getting beside themselves. I wish I would defend some teachers out of Crowley ISD. I tried to Google this story to get the teacher’s name and saw a bunch of teachers being accused of sexual assault.

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