Mother Raped As She Fed Her Baby At A Park


Last Friday, a man was apprehended after authorities say that he raped a mother that was feeding her baby at a park in Nashville, Tennessee.

Police say that the woman decided to meet 24-year-old Ryean Floyd, on May 25, at Shelby Park. The pair had once been in a relationship and have a one-year-old son together. He had sent the woman a message, requesting to meet him so that he could see his child.

Eventually, the woman began to walk to her car and fed her child in the vehicle before leaving the park. Floyd then walked up to the car from behind, pulled the woman’s skirt up, and raped her.

The offense was recorded on audio on the woman’s cell phone. She could be heard wailing and pleading for Floyd to stop. Floyd’s and the child’s voice could be heard, as well.

After the incident, the woman was transported to a medical facility. She disclosed to authorities that she hadn’t seen Floyd in more than a year before the incident.

Floyd has now been charged with aggravated rape and kidnapping.


  1. This is sick, why?? This is the mother of your child and you rape her while she’s trying to feed your child!! Why do man feel it’s ok to do this kinda stuff ?? You came from a woman a man with a twisted mind need to understand that if a woman doesn’t tell you she wants it it’s rape which I’m sure he knew what he was doing was wrong he just didn’t care. It’s never ok to rape any woman I believe if they didn’t give these man a slap on the wrist and give them more time in prison instead of placing them on probation this kinda stuff want happen so offen, send them to prison every min they had to suffer they get a year on each min. Let them go to prison and the same pain they inflicted on that woman or even man be inflicted on to them because man or also raped in the world we all live in. 

  2. Some men think that they have the right to the women just because they had a child with them and that the woman is always going to be there for them 

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