Mother Stabs Boyfriend Repeatedly After Finding Him Naked On Top Of Her Teenage Daughter


A Cleveland woman stabbed her boyfriend several times after walking in a room and finding him naked on top of her 12 year old daughter.

According to police reports the woman found her 31 year old boyfriend naked on top of her daughter around 2:30 Tuesday morning. The woman told police that she grabbed a pocket knife and stabbed him five times in the chest and once in the back of his head. The two fought over the knife and eventually ended up outside where the woman then screamed for help.

When police arrived on the scene she told them that she caught him touching her daughter and went crazy. The unidentified male told police a different story saying that the woman was mad because she felt like her 12 year old daughter had feelings for him. After speaking with the couple police questioned the daughter as well and she told police that he told her “This is what it is like in the real world when you have a boyfriend”.

The woman and daughter were taken to the hospital and treated for minor cuts on their hands and to perform a rape kit on the daughter.

No charges have been filed at the time and the case is still under investigation.

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