New Zealand Placed On Strict Lockdown


New Zealand has just had its first Coronavirus case in six months.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern put New Zealand on a lockdown.

In the past, her strict guidelines have helped the spread of the virus. However, many citizens are having a hard time gathering their things and closing down schools and businesses.

New Zealand will be on a level four lockdown for three days. It will be seven days for the towns of Auckland and Coromandel where the infected person visited.

Citizens are required to stay in their residence. They may only leave for essential reasons.

“We have made the decision on the basis that it is better to start high and go down levels rather than to go low, not contain the virus and see it move quickly,” Ardern said.

It has been said that the unknown, 58 year-old man may have contracted the Delta variant.


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