27 Year-Old Ft. Lauderdale Police Officer Dies From COVID-19


On Saturday, at a medical facility in Ft. Lauderdale, Police Officer Jennifer Sepot, 27, passed away from COVID-19.

She had been on the force in the road patrol division for four years, the department noted.

She leaves behind a husband, who is also an officer, and a 2 year-old daughter.

Sepot started on the force in 2017. The union president said that she contracted the virus while at work.

She had gone to the hospital Friday evening after being ill. “She was exposed at work and tested positive…And obviously was sick with it and out since the sixth or the eighth,” an officer stated.

It is not known whether she had received the vaccine.

There is no knowledge of the amount of positive tests results there. However, Sepot is the first Ft. Lauderdale police officer to die from COVID-19.

The union doesn’t have a mask mandate in place for its members.


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