Texas Implements April Sales Tax Holiday For Emergency Items

Courtesy: Getty Images

Texans have been encouraged by FEMA Region 6 to pile up on emergency products as this year’s tax-free weekend starts April 27.

Texans can purchase products and equipment to utilize in emergencies or natural disasters occurrences during the Texas Comptroller’s 2024 Emergency Preparation Sales Tax Holiday. No sales tax will be applied for eligible purchases made on Saturday, April 27 to midnight on Monday, April 29.

Eligible products will assist during hurricanes, flash floods, wildfires, power outages, or other emergencies. These include portable generators, emergency ladders, hurricanes, shutters, and fire extinguishers.

This will also apply to batteries, flashlights, first aid kits, and ice chests/ coolers.

Items can be bought in store or on-line. There isn’t a certain number of items that can be bought; however, there are sales price limits. For instance, a rescue ladder must cost less than $300. If one cost $299 and a $10 delivery fee,the ladder will not be eligible.

Hurricane season starts June 1.

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