Newlyweds Fatally Shot A Week After Their Wedding


This past weekend, a couple who had just been married last week was killed in a double homicide.

On Saturday morning, officers responded to a shooting in West Palm Beach, Florida. They then found that a man and a woman had been fatally shot at a home.

On Monday, authorities announced that that they had apprehended Sony Josaphat, who used to live at the home. He has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and is being held without bond.

Relatives have invoked Marsy’s law which means that the victims won’t be publicly named.

Documents show that Josaphat’s daughter contacted authorities after she witnessed her father shoot the newly- wed couple. When deputies arrived on the scene, they discovered the daughter and her brother at the residence. The victims had been found on the ground, outside of the front door.

Josaphat hadn’t lived at the residence in more than a year. But, he often stopped by unannounced occasionally and was said to be controlling. Redacted information detailing the connection between the victims and Josaphat were seen on the arrest documents.

When questioned by authorities, Josaphat stated that he became enraged when he witnessed a surveillance camera being put in, close to the front door where the shooting occurred.

After the victims and Josaphat said “Good morning” to each other, Josaphat is said to have shot one of the victims in the head and the upper torso. He then shot the other victim several times.

Records show that Josaphat continued to shoot at the victims prior to leaving the seen, calling his pastor, and admitting to what he had done.

He then traveled to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, turned himself in, stating that he had just killed two people.

According to records, Josaphat didn’t have any prior history of domestic violence with the victims. Additionally, drugs and alcohol weren’t a factor, deputies say.


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