NFL Player Von Miller Charged For Grabbing Throat, Shoving Pregnant Girlfriend In Dallas


Von Miller, a Buffalo Bills pass rusher, surrendered to authorities in Glenn Heights, Texas, on Thursday afternoon. This is following allegations that he assaulted his pregnant girlfriend.

Authorities in Dallas say that the warrant that was issued comes from an occurrence on Wednesday at a high-rise apartment in Uptown Dallas. This was in connection to Miller and his girlfriend of seven years.

On Thursday, at about 3 p.m., Miller turned himself in and posted a $5,000 bond.

Authorities had been informed that there had been a verbal dispute between Miller, a 34-year-old Desoto High School alumnus and Texas A & M player, and his girlfriend, regarding traveling on her birthday.

Arrest documents show that Miller told the girlfriend to leave the apartment. Then, as she went to retrieve her belongings, Miller is said to have pushed her as she continued to yell, “Stop, I’m pregnant.”

The woman told authorities that Miller put pressure to her neck for a few seconds prior to letting go. He then started to stomp on her laptop and pulled some of her hair out, making her fall.

Miller is then accused of grabbing the woman’s neck again but with two hands in this instance.

The woman said she was going to contact authorities. That’s when Miller left the location.

Authorities went to the scene, and the woman was treated from minor wounds. Documents show that investigators saw minor bruises on the woman’s left hand. They also saw bruises to her neck, bicep, and abdomen.

She also shared a recording of a portion of the occurrence, a picture of a pregnancy test, and texts with Miller about the due date of the baby.

The NFL has said that they are aware of the incident and are looking into the matter.

In 2021, Miller had also been investigated for domestic violence. However, he wasn’t charged because there wasn’t enough evidence. It isn’t known if that case involved this woman, as well.


  1. Hope all is well why you both play with y’all money and future by letting the lawin y’all Businesses. Stop the Mad .

    1. Because she felt like she was in danger obviously. He she had bruises in multiple spots and is pregnant. She is thinking of that baby inside her.

  2. Immature boy playing a child’s game while making a baby and abusing the mother? Sick individual. He needs help and to GROW THE EFF UP.

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