NYC Woman Killed While Attempting To Protect Her Disabled Stepdaughter From Her Nephew


A man is in custody after he fatally stabbed his aunt who was trying to protect her disabled stepdaughter, who was also killed.

According to reports, Peter Wolfe was standing in the kitchen smoking marijuana when he began arguing with one of the women in the house.

Wolfe then grabbed a sharp object and proceeded to attack 26 year old Patrice Johnson. That’s when her 65 year old stepmother, Hyacinth Brown-Johnson quickly attempted to throw herself over her bedridden daughter to protect her.

When Johnson’s son and a home health aid came to the home they discovered his mother, stepsister and sister, 47 year old Latoya Gordon deceased.

Wolfe fled the scene in the victims 2004 Toyota Sienna and drove to Virginia. Johnson’s son reported the vehicle stolen.

Authorities spotted the vehicle in Virginia after it ran out of gas. When they approached the vehicle they spotted Wolfe inside the vehicle with bloody clothing.

He allegedly admitted to the brutal killings in NYC.

Wolfe was transported to a hospital where he was treated for minor injuries and awaiting extradition.


  1. He couldn’t been smoking weed bc weed doesn’t make you kill ppl weed make you chill out. He had to have been smoking something stronger than weed. But anyways my condolences to the family 🙏

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