One DPD Officer Fired, Another Suspended For Fleeing Scene of Crash After Pursuit


Disciplinary action was taken against the two Dallas Police Officers who fled the scene after a vehicle they were pursuing crashed and engulfed in flames.

Corporal Leonard Anderson and officer Darrien Robertson, who was being trained at the time of the incident, attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a vehicle back in May of this year.

The vehicle failed to stop and Cpl. Anderson, who was driving, began a vehicle pursuit. After reaching high speeds, Anderson turned off his lights and siren and called off the chase due to Dallas’s no-chase rule. The no-chase rule was applicable in this situation because it was not a felony stop nor did the vehicle or driver have any known felony warrants.

Surveillance footage captured the moment the officers ended the chase and turned around to continue traveling back the way they were heading. Seconds after they turned around, the vehicle they were pursuing crashed and went up in flames. Both officers witnessed the crash and audio recording captured them discussing the incident.

Cpl. Anderson can be heard saying, “that’s his fault” before continuing to drive away.

The driver of the vehicle suffered burn wounds on over 80% of his body and is lucky to be alive.

Following an investigation within the Dallas Police Department, Officer Robertson was placed on a 30-day suspension while Corporal Anderson was terminated.



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