Over 250 Guns Given Up At Event in Desoto


At an event on Saturday, nearly 270 unwanted guns were surrendered to the Desoto Police Department.

Cars filled the streets to get to the fire station, so that people could give up the guns for a $100 Walmart gift card.

Police say the turn out was beyond what they expected. They even ran out of gift cards to pass out.

“It was a good problem to have. I honestly didn’t expect to get more than five or ten people showing up with the guns,” said Desoto Officer Edwards.

Police say that many of the people who came were grandparents who wished to make their home safer. Some were even widows whose spouses were no longer alive, and the gun was unnecessary.

If people came and didn’t get a gift card, the department says to come back next week. They will have a whole new set to distribute.


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