Paramedic Unaware She Treated Own Daughter In Fatal Wreck


On November 15, a paramedic went to the scene of an accident and was unaware that she was providing medical attention to her own daughter.

Jayme Erickson, a Canadian paramedic, had gone to the scene of the wreck, close to Calgary. She had been taking care of a girl who was pulled from a vehicle and was seriously hurt. The girl was transported to a medical facility where she succumbed to her injuries.

Because of the girl’s wounds, she was unrecognizable.

When Erickson arrived home that evening, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officers came to her residence and informed her that the patient that was under her care while she was working was Montana, her 17-year-old daughter.

Officials say that a vehicle lost control and was struck by an on-coming truck. The driver managed to get out of the vehicle. However, the passenger was seriously wounded and couldn’t get out.

Erickson was said to be the first person on the scene and knew that the girl needed assistance. She didn’t know that she had been helping her own daughter stay alive.

“My worst nightmare as a paramedic has come true. The critically injured patient that I just attended to, was own flesh and blood. My only child. My mini-me… Her injuries were so horrific I did not even recognize her,” Erickson wrote on a Facebook post.

“…I cannot help but be angry for the short amount of time I was given with her. 17 years was not long enough,” she added.


  1. Please dont say, “the vehicle lost control”. The vehicle doesnt lose control, the driver loses control of the vehicle.

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