Pastor Allegedly Impregnates 14 Year Old Girl From His Church


An El Paso County pastor is facing charges after allegedly impregnating a teen at 14.
Romello Leach,22 a pastor in Colorado Springs is being accused of allegedly having sex with a minor and impregnating her. The teen girl told authorities that she had sex with Leach at least twice once back in 2016 and once at the beginning of 2017. The mother who took her daughter to The Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center after noticing her belly getting bigger found out that her daughter was indeed pregnant. The employee then notified police about the situation.
Leach was later arrested and taken into custody where on a recorded phone call he admitted to his now ex wife that he did sleep with the teen and that the child was his.
Authorities have Leach in custody with no bond until they can investigate and find out if there are any other teens that may have been sexually assaulted by the pastor.
The teen gave birth to the child in September of 2017 at age 15.

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