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Russell Simmons Backs Down After Accusations of Sexual Assault


Russel Simmons is stepping down from his businesses after a woman accused him of sexual harassment and misconduct.
Simmons who is he founder of hip hops Def Jam Records and CEO of the Rush Communications has been accused of sexual harassment from screenwriter Jenny Lumet back in 1991. Lumet reporter the allegations on November 19 and gave a very descriptive encounter of the night. Lumet told reporters that Brett Ratner also knew about it because he was in on it. Simmons and Ratner both deny the allegations and said “abusing women in any way shape or form violates the very core of my being”. Simmons also released a statement of apology to the public explaining that he would be stepping down from all his businesses and letting them be run by new executives. Here is the statement that Simmons released.

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